1990s Kids Guide to the Internet

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Something Ducks Walk On (1997), an unfinished interactive multimedia cd-rom by David Lynch

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Opens Fri, Oct 3, 6-9p:

Remain in Light
 Rose Eken
The Hole, 312 Bowery, NYC

“For the exhibition Eken will exhibit a forensic assortment of hand-painted ceramics arranged by size on the floor and three large tapestries on the walls. The sculptures will include all the objects one might find in a punk venue, perhaps even our former across-the-street neighbor here on the Bowery, CBGBs. From microphone stands all the way down to tiny bottle caps and guitar pics, these handmade and hand-painted objects will create a personalized memorial to NYC’s dwindling lawless zones and the mayhem they contained. Their anthropological arrangement on the floor suggests a methodical and scientific approach to categorizing and analyzing a lost culture, as though a forensic dig of the venue unearthed these strange relics.”

read our 2013 interview with Rose Eken  —>HERE<—


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There’s an alternative universe where he clipped the chair, broke his neck, and we all still use Word Perfect.  

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Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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Mine is still a mess

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ΔAnonymous asked:

My floppy disk just got hard from seeing your compact disc drive



I think we may have a compatibility issue with our peripherals.

I think this is what the Anon was talking about:


Never give up.